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Tips to Keep Insects from Driving You Buggy

June 20, 2011 5:27 pm

While the joys of summer are just around the corner, so is bug season. It is no surprise that summer welcomes more than just barbeques, pool parties and outdoor fun—it also brings back a variety of pesty annoyances. An insect invasion may be hard to avoid unless proactive steps are taken to prevent a major infestation.

“When it comes to choosing a product to control pests, one size rarely fits all,” says Larry Coltharp, director of insect control research and development with Black Flag®.

Black Flag® experts recommend homeowners protect their homes both indoors and out by spraying early in the spring, reinforce protection in the summer during peak insect season, and seal homes in the fall to keep bugs from seeking shelter. By doing so, homeowners may save more than $100, the average cost of contracting a pest control service.

Tips for Keeping Pests under Control:
• To kill bugs attempting to enter the home, apply a continuous, uninterrupted spray around the home's foundation and other possible entry points such as windows, doors and crevices.
• Check walls for cracks and crevices where spiders and ants can enter.
• In the kitchen, avoid open food containers, or water leaks under the sink, and other sources of food and water. It’s also a good idea to inspect paper grocery bags to make sure they don’t contain any uninvited guests.
• In addition to attracting mold and mildew, cardboard storage containers can make an attractive meal for many insects, such as spiders, roaches and silver fish.
• Keep kitchen trash in a closed container, both indoors and out.

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