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Heat Wave Spikes Foundation Repairs

July 22, 2011 4:59 pm

Such high temperatures, for prolonged days, have caused a spike in foundation repair says Julie from Dallas based Premier Foundation Repairs Inc. "The foundation of your house in Dallas are unfortunately sitting on very expansive soils. This type of soil is very sensitive to moisture, causing large amount of swelling and shrinking depending on how much water is present." The photo to the right shows a section of a lawn’s ground, only four days after a major storm. 

Premier Foundation Repair Inc. has a few suggestions for the homeowners that will help prevent the need for foundation repairs: 

1. The grounds’ moisture around the home's perimeter should remain as constant as possible.
2. Periodical use of a sprinkler system and soaker hoses together is the best solution. Homeowners should bury the soaker hoses 12-16” away from the foundation of their residence.
3. Water the yard at night when evaporation is greatly reduced to use less water and save money. 
If an automatic sprinkler system is not available, homeowners should use the manual type and rotate it around the perimeter of the house. What is important is that the moisture levels around the perimeter of the house stay as constant as possible. 

If a residence shows signs of foundation problems, the customer needs to remember that the root cause, most likely a moisture level issue, will need to be addressed in order for the foundation repairs to last permanently. 

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