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25 Ways to Save on Monthly Bills

September 9, 2011 2:03 pm

There are many ways people can save money today, and some just require a slight change in day-to-day habits. Turning off a light when you leave a room; turning off the water when you brush your teeth. Here is a list of 25 ideas for saving money:

1. Turn off all lights when you leave a room. Train and reward your children to do the same—they are the worst about leaving lights on
2. Cancel gym memberships and others you are not using
3. Drink the free coffee at work or make coffee at home. Skip Starbucks. If you buy a $4 coffee 5 days per week, that’s $80 per month just in coffee!
4. Towel dry your hair instead of using a blow dryer
5. Stop smoking
6. Buy a less expensive home—this alone will reduce your monthly spending by hundreds (or thousands) of dollars
7. Buy less expensive cars
8. Do everything you can to increase your credit score. You will save tens of thousands of dollars in interest from any loans you have simply by having a better credit score.
9. Call your credit card companies and ask for a lower interest rate
10. Call every company you have monthly bills with and ask exactly what you are paying for each month. You will be surprised how many hidden fees are mysteriously added to your bills. You will never know this unless you ask.
11. Use energy saving light bulbs
12. Minimize your consumption of alcohol
13. Pack your lunch for work every day—avoid eating in restaurants
14. Get a job with a short commute
15. Did you know that if you pay any interest-bearing loans in 2 payments each month instead of one big payment, you knock thousands of dollars of interest off your total bill. So instead of paying a $1,200 mortgage payment all on the 1st of the month, set it up with your bank to pay $600 on the 1st and $600 on the 15th of each month. It’s easier to manage AND you save a ton of money!
16. Use fans instead of air conditioning (unless you live in 107 summer heat in Texas—you are excused!)
17. Hang dry your laundry
18. Hand wash your dirty dishes
19. Don’t leave the water running while brushing your teeth
20. Don’t leave the water running while scrubbing/shaving in the shower
21. Catch rain water you can use to water plants
22. Walk or ride a bike instead of using your car
23. Reduce your cable bill. Do you really need 200 channels and 3 DVR boxes?
24. Buy anything and everything you can from second-hand stores or yard sales. You will save thousands of dollars per year shopping smarter.
25. Use natural sunlight instead of electricity

Two things to NEVER cancel or reduce financially:

1. Always invest in high-quality foods for you and your family. Buying cheap foods will cost you a fortune (now and later) in medical bills, emotional and mental well-being.
2. Never cancel or reduce anything that will pay you or protect you later: 401K, retirement plans, insurance policies (health, life, disability, auto, etc.)

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